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When Captive Belugas Give Birth

At the Shedd Aquarium, the beluga Mauyak is pregnant. We all hope her calf is born healthy and lives beyond ...

This Is What Extinction Looks Like

I am in an airport on my way home from the San Juan Islands, Washington. I was there to attend ...

In the Wake of Scarlet

We couldn’t save Scarlet, but the effort was worthwhile. Sooner or later there will be another Southern Resident orca in ...

Statement re. Future Treatment of Scarlet

This morning, the Whale Sanctuary Project issued the following statement regarding future treatment of the orca Scarlet/J-50:

Updates on the “J” Pod Orcas

The Whale Sanctuary Project has joined an emergency effort to save the life of the orca J-50 (aka Scarlett). The ...

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