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Remembering Steven M. Wise

Steven M. Wise, the founder of the Nonhuman Rights Project, was a groundbreaking legal scholar whose historic cases on behalf ...

Bill Reintroduced to U.S. Congress to Bring an End to Public Display of Captive Whales

The Strengthening Welfare in Marine Settings (SWIMS) Act would end the future capture and breeding of whales for public display.

One Voice and the Whale Sanctuary Project Propose Collaboration with Marineland Antibes to Retire Three Orcas to Sanctuary

A fully cooperative effort among staff and management of all parties is key to a successful outcome for Inouk, Wikie ...

The Passing of Two Orca Calves Prompts a Moment for Reflection

The death of two newborn orcas reminds us of the difference between a natural free-ranging life and one spent in ...

The Whale Who Defected

Hvaldimir, the beluga whale who defected from the Russian navy. An insightful article from The New York Times tells his ...

A Tale of Two Baby Orcas

“It’s a boy!” newspapers on the West Coast exclaimed when photos from biologist Maya Sears, taken in the Salish Sea, ...

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